Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a Day Of Favorites!

My son and I were having our little adult discussion and were talking about what our favorite things were.... I sat there for a minute and was like wow I feel like I'm having a talk with a 10 year old. He is just like a little adult... He sat there shared with me what he wanted to do when he grew up and what he loves about life. The only boy I know who is so inlove with bowling that he even said he top 3 favorite things were bowling. So on the beautiful Sunday I want to let you guys get to know me a bit.... So I'm going to share with you my favorites!!!

1. I love Country Music (Kenny is my fav)

2. I love my cowboy boots!!! Cant live with out them!!!

3. I love Diet Dr. Pepper its like an addiction!!!

4. I love Art!

5. I love sports Oklahoma Sooners, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Cubs, and OKC Thunder

What are your favorites???