Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial or 4th of July Craft Ideas!!!

A simple-to-make patriotic plant pot.

Supplies needed: An unglazed terracotta plant pot
Red, white and blue acrylic paint

Paint the rim of the flowerpot white and the lower part of the pot blue (or paint the rim blue and the lower part white). Let the paint dry.
A second coat may be needed, especially for the white paint.

Paint white stars on the blue portion. Paint red stripes on the white part.
You now have a wonderful patriotic plant pot.


Make a patriotic star wreath decoration from paper stars and a paper plate. If you're making this project with a group of children, they can cut out the stars and write their names on them.

Red, white and blue construction paper
A paper plate
Optional - glitter

Cut a large hole in the paper plate.
Cut out a lot of stars from red, white and blue construction paper. For a star template, click here.
Glue the stars to the paper plate.

Optional: Decorate the stars with the names of the children or soldiers. Also, glitter is a nice decorative touch.


Stand-Alone Star Craft
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This 3-dimensional star decoration is made from 2 paper stars that are interlaced. These stars stand by themselves on a table, and make a great patriotic or Christmas decoration.

More Christmas Crafts

Supplies: Printer (optional)
Stiff paper (like card stock, oaktag or thin cardboard) or styrofoam meat trays
Crayons or markers (optional)

Two paper stars are needed to make one 3-dimensional star. Either draw two identical stars on a piece of stiff paper or print out the star template. To go to the template, click here.
Decorate the two stars (if you like) on both sides, then cut them out.
Make one slit in each star. On one star, the slit goes from an inner corner to the center point of the star; on the other star, the slit goes from an outer corner to the center point.
Slip the two stars together through the slits you just cut. For stability, you may have to tape the stars a bit where they meet at the slits.
You now have a great three-dimensional star decoration that stands by itself on a table.