Friday, June 4, 2010

Things to do on a Rainy Day

I live in Illinois and this state is notorious for the crazy weather! It can be 70 one day and snow the next!! My son is addicted to his Nintendo DS and his IPOD touch so I tend to think outside the box on what to do on a rainy day so he is not glued to video games or the TV. So thought I would share a few things with you on what we like to do!!!

Camp in the house. One of our tents can be set up without the stakes so we have camp outs in the living room and make smores in the microwave. You can always drape a blanket over a table.

Have an indoor "snowball" fight. Divide; give each one a stack of newspapers yell go and they have to wad up the sheets of newspaper into "snowballs" and throw them. Great fun! Last part is seeing who can gather the most balls into a trash bag
(just don't break anything!!!)

Scavenger hunt

Finger Paint

Play ‘How many things can you remember to do?’: Give them a list of activities and make the list longer each time. For example hop to the door knock on it 2 times crawl under the dining room table and do the crab walk back to me. If they successfully complete this then I name 5 things the next time.

Just some fun activities to do as a family and keep the kids entertained!!! My ultimate favorite thing to do is the scavenger hunt the kids help you find stuff you misplaced!!! ha ha

Have a blessed day!